Shift Your Rudder

This year has been chock full of positive change and progress for the Surface Force. As a community, and in step with higher-echelon Navy initiatives, we’ve set a course to “Own the Fight” – focusing on the guiding principles of good stewardship, professional development and safety.


As part of the process, we’ve been purposeful in reviewing all facets of how we prepare for, support and conduct maritime operations around the globe. We want to excel at our mission, now and in the future.


Surface Force Mission:

Man, Train, and Equip the Surface Force to provide Fleet Commanders with credible naval power to control the sea and project power ashore.

Part of striving for better has been, and will be, communicating with those invested in seeing our Surface Navy succeed (physically or emotionally, stateside or abroad, et. al.). Hence, along with being informational, we would like for this blog to be inspirational for opening up dialogue among our Surface Warriors – past, present, & future – and their families.


For this reason, we welcome any and all feedback on the type of blog posts you would like to see featured in future. Inputs can be left in the comments section or emailed to

Picture1For now, our intent is to steer blog content toward honoring our enduring maritime traditions, featuring efforts to optimize our current naval warfighting capabilities, and highlighting the work being done by our Surface Warfare Enterprise partners to shape the Surface Force of tomorrow.

In the end, every Surface Force commanding officer is charged with preparing their ship, their crew and themselves to be ready to ensure our Fleet remains a lethal global maneuver force ready to execute the National Defense Strategy. Every day our mighty warships are deployed to where the Nation needs them and our Surface Sailors serve with integrity and lead with humility, compassion and professionalism. We want to tell those stories and we want to hear what they mean to you.


Lastly, we want to extend a sincere thank you to the community that has supported this blog through the years. We look forward to the next leg of the journey with you. Your unwavering support of our Surface Navy is deeply appreciated!



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