Drive to a Culture of Excellence

Last month, Vice Adm. Rich Brown, Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific (CNSP), hosted the 2018 CNSP Commander’s Training Symposium (CTS) in San Diego. Representing all ship classes and shore commands in the Pacific Surface Force, nearly 100 Commanders and Commanding Officers (ranking from Lieutenant Commander to Captain) were in attendance, as well as the Commanding Officer (CO) of Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS), PERS-41 representation, and CNSP senior staff members.


Here are key take-aways post CTS from Vice Adm. Brown:

As the CO Goes, So Goes the Ship

“I value command above all else, and I implicitly trust each of you to lead well. But, with that trust comes incredible and unyielding responsibility and accountability.  My staff and I will work tirelessly to set the conditions for your success.”

Fostering a Culture of Excellence

“In the recent past, we operated with in a culture of compliance focused on process and doing what we MUST do. This was a necessary, but not sufficient, step toward revitalizing our seagoing ethos. Now we need to build on compliance and drive a culture of excellence focused on outcomes and doing what we SHOULD do to achieve operational and warfighting excellence.”

Readiness is About Lethality


“We’re not building ship readiness for readiness sake. We’re building readiness so it can be turned to lethality when and where our nation requires.  Everything we do in the Surface Force must ultimately support this purpose.”


Reinvigorating Mission Command

“Navy leadership is committed to returning to the principles of Mission Command that served the Navy and the nation so well in earlier conflicts. Achieving a culture of excellence is a prerequisite for the return of Mission Command.”

The symposium included a preview of the new Surface Force Training and Readiness Manual (SFTRM) set for promulgation this month. The SFTRM affords COs the opportunity to accomplish Tier 1 and 2 certifications ahead of schedule and enable them to work their crews toward high-end warfighting readiness prior to the Advanced and Integrated Phases. We want ships and crews to take advantage of this policy to grow the warfighting ethos and lethality in their ships.

Vice Adm. Brown plans to host another CTS in March 2019 in San Diego, focusing on warfighting and increasing the lethality of our Surface Force so we can Own the Fight!


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